Prosecutors on Tuesday dropped a second-degree murder charge against a Farmingdale man in a 2013 Flanders […]
When a new law focused on criminal justice reform goes into effect on January 1, judges […]
A man who, as a child, was the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of […]
After eight years of serving the Town of Southampton on the Town Board, Christine Scalera, who […]
A part-time Bridgehampton resident who pleaded guilty in August to crashing his car while drunk two […]
“The move itself made me question what the heck was going on,” she said on Thursday, the day after the crash. “He swerved back in front of me just in time to avoid that other car.” Then he “floored it,” she said—so fast that the Lexus SUV quickly disappeared from view around the bend on Hill Street. “It all happened so, so fast,” she said in a phone interview Thursday morning, her voice quivering. “But I saw him collide with the black car—because it happened right in front of me. I saw the person get ejected from the car.”
  East End law enforcement officials are waiting to see how best to handle an executive […]