This week, I created a travel brochure for a fictional travel agency, GPS Travel.
This week, I designed a simple website that could appear on a desktop screen with a size of 1920 x 1080 as well as a mobile screen, sized 750 x 1334.
This week I created a composition using Adobe Photoshop. My particular composition is made up of bits and pieces of several pictures from a roadtrip that I took to the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone and the Badlands, along with a photo I took in Southampton.
The advertisement I created for Web Thread is simple yet expresses a direct and to the point message.
When designing my logo, I wanted to create something that shows power and strength, so the lettering of “Web Thread” is black.
For this project, I created a movie poster for a completely fictional movie titled, “The Thunderbolt Murders”...
Milton Glaser’s Bob Dylan poster is iconic: the artist uses a silhouette of the folk singer’s face as the backdrop and colorful lines to make up his curly hair.
My project this week was to take a word and illustrate it by modifying the text. The word I chose was BROKEN, because lately, I’ve been dealing with a situation with a person close to me who feels broken after going through two major surgeries in a two-week period.
The abstract art piece I tried to mimic using Adobe Photoshop is Roy Lichtenstein’s Modular Painting with Four Panels III.