About me

Greg Wehner is a former reporter at the Southampton Press, newspaper of record for the seven villages and 16 hamlets in the Hamptons of Long Island, in New York. The paper is published weekly, reaching 19,872 readers, and has a daily web presence at 27east.com.

At the Press, Greg’s solid relationships with community leaders and politicians enabled him to keep the pulse on what’s happening throughout the Town of Southampton. With a proven track record of asking provocative questions and getting answers, Greg kept the community informed about projects that could ravage a neighborhood, political shenanigans, the muddying of waters during elections, court cases, crime, and environmental developments.

Before rolling the dice and entering the field of journalism, Greg worked as an account executive for Reynolds Web Solutions – a tech startup that built websites for many of the automotive dealerships in the United States and Canada. While there, Greg became an expert in digital web technologies and taught key figures at the dealerships how to market their inventory of vehicles on the internet and get the best return on investment from their website.

Greg’s ability to build trust with dealership personnel through various forms of communication and his willingness to learn the technologies that the sites were based on resulted in renewals of multi-million-dollar contracts for Automark and its future parent company – Reynolds and Reynolds.

When he is not chasing stories and posting updates to 27east.com, Greg likes to spend his time surf fishing up and down the East Coast. He also likes to brew beer, ride his stand up paddle board and go to concerts in New York City.