Earlier this year, I purchased a Panasonic Lumix GX85 micro 4/3 camera for experimental purposes.

Up until the purchase, I’d spent quite a bit of time shooting with a Nikon D7000, Sony A51 and Sony A550.

The micro 4/3 format of a camera was, and still is intriguing to me because of its portability. Sony gets a lot of praise for its micro 4/3 products. I’ve also heard good things about Panasonic’s micro 4/3 cameras, too.

The GX85 is on the lower end of the product line, and to my surprise, it has delivered on every level that I wanted it to.

Tonight I took the camera out on the dock to try a little astrophotography because the Milky Way was slightly visible. I paired the GX85 with a Panasonic Lumix 14mm F 2.5 lens. Although the images are not perfect, I’m sure the more I work with this style of photography, the better I will get.

Here are the results.



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