Last week, Pearl Jam released their tenth studio album titled, “Lightning Bolt,” and its has already reached the number one spot on Billboard’s top 200 albums.

Pearl Jam is no stranger to the Billboard 200 top albums. All 10 of Pearl Jam’s albums have been in the top 10, and this album marks the fifth time that they have made it to the top spot.

Over the years, Pearl Jam has continued to create original music that is reminiscent of the past, but with a twist towards the future.

The band’s members are Eddie Vedder on vocals, Mike McCready on lead guitar, Stone Gossard on rhythm guitar, Jeff Ament on bass and Matt Cameron on drums.

Starting out with a lot of energy, “Lightning Bolt” comes at the listener really fast with the first three songs, “Getaway,” “Mind Your Manners” and “My Father’s Son.”

The song, “Mind Your Manners,” is a fast and fun song that resembles a song that The Dead Boys could have put out back in the ’80s. Pearl Jam has covered one of their songs, titled “Sonic Reducer,” in concert a number of times.

“Sirens,” is the obvious hit off of the album. The song has original melodies between the guitar playing of Mike McCready and Stone Gossard and Eddie Vedder’s vocals. “Sirens” is a song fit for multiple radio formats including adult contemporary and alternative stations.

A number of musical styles can be heard on the newly released album. For example, the song “Let the Records Play,” starts out with a blues-sounding riff that could come out ofBilly Gibbons’ book, and the chorus sounds like a sitcom theme song. The combination itself is a bit odd, but Pearl Jam pulls it off like legends.

“Infallible” has the darkness of a My Chemical Romance song during the beginning, but then falls into an original sounding Pearl Jam song.

The album comes four years after their previous studio album, “Backspacer.” Since then, fans have been waiting for something new from Pearl Jam that showcases their ability to rock, and they delivered.

“Lightning Bolt” is an original, fun and energetic album that any fan of Pearl Jam and Rock ‘N’ Roll will enjoy.


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