The night may be late for many, but for Ruby Diamond, it’s early and things are only getting started. As Ruby listens to an array of electronic artists, she will be spending the next two and a half to three hours, putting on makeup, getting her wig styled, trying on outfits and making herself look more like a woman, so that she can dance and lip synch to popular tunes in front of a crowd of onlookers.

Ruby is a drag performer that got her start in Rochester, NY. One Halloween night, a friend of hers needed a date to a party and she decided to dress in drag for the guy. Ever since then, Ruby has been hooked on dressing in women’s clothing. According to her, dressing in drag is “the best addiction that anyone can have, as long as they have money for it.” She went on to say, “It’s an outlet. It’s a way to escape reality.”

“Drag is a transformation. It’s more than just slapping on some make up and saying here we go,” says Ruby. Drag is being able to put the makeup and play the part. Some drag queens like to impersonate famous celebrities, but Ruby does her own thing. If she could impersonate someone, she would impersonate any woman that is considered a strong and powerful person; women like Cher, Celine Dion and Bette Midler. Ruby has been known to come out to songs by Whitney Houston a lot of the time.

On a typical Friday night, Ruby hosts the drag show at the Lizard Lounge. When the lights go down, music begins to pump throughout the sound system, lights start flashing, fog machines start blowing fog all over the stage and Ruby enters the room to put on a show. She becomes more expressive and flamboyant, something that her male-self isn’t in real life. The show that Ruby puts on for the crowd is like a circus. Before the show, she cakes on makeup similar to a clown. When she takes to the stage, her goal is to wow the crowd and make them laugh. She says, “you can almost call it a bunch of bipolar people performing on stage.”

On April 28th, Ruby and a few other drag performers took part in an event called “Cancer’s a Drag.” The event was put on to benefit cancer research. During the event, the drag queens performed and donated 100% of their tips to the cause. Ivy Winters, from RuPaul’s Drag Race performed for the people at this event. Some of her talents for the night included lip-synching, juggling and breathing fire.

While benefit events are very important to Ruby, she has a number of other passions. She said, “I want to be a spokesperson for a lot of people that are being bullied, especially in the school system.” Her dream is to be able to go into a high school, put on a drag show, and then tell the students about the struggles she had growing up. Ruby was bullied when she was younger, and she wants to be able to give hope to those that are in the same situation.

For those that want to see Ruby Diamond in action, they can catch her performing at The Lizard Lounge in Bohemia as well as at The Bunk House in Patchogue.

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